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Did you know CSL is offering many new leagues at awesome new locations this Fall? Check out the amazing venues we are partnering with this season https://www.playcsl.com/leagues?v=upcoming.

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What sports can I pick from? 

We currently offer eleven different sports that vary in availability throughout the year, available leagues can be found on our upcoming leagues page. 


How much does each league cost? 

League costs vary from sport to sport and estimated prices can be found on each sports home page.


When do I need to sign up by? 

Leagues fill on a first come, first serve basis so the sooner you sign up the better chances of getting a spot! There is no deadline, and we'll even offer Week 2 starts when available! Don't let choosing a unique team name or finalizing your roster postpone your registration... you can edit both after you've confirmed your team spot in the league. 


How many players do I need for a team? 

Roster Cap and required gender ratios information can be found on each sports home page.  Roster sizes vary from sport to sport. CSL suggests that teams have at least one sub of each gender. Extra members means more players, more fun, and more security if something unexpected comes up.  Build a full team roster for all players to be eligible for playoffs and to eliminate the chance of any forfeits due to too few players. 


How do I build my roster? 

As the Captain, you can build your roster during and/or after registration (whether your team has a confirmed spot in the league or your team is Not Offered), however make sure you have your potential teammates’ names and emails, or "Connect" your account to Facebook and invite your Facebook Friends!  From your Captain’s Panel, you can assign dues via Team Payer to each player that, once paid, will reduce the Team Balance.  To see the Invitation Process, check out the How To Register Page.  Each player will receive an Invite to officially join your team, verify a uniform size, and pay their assigned portion of the Team Balance via Team Payer. Rosters lock the day after the Week 3 games, and only players that have Accepted your team invitation will get uniforms, so make sure your team is complete by then!





When and where do we play? 

When you register for a CSL League, you choose the location and day of the week you will be playing.  Teams usually play 5-6 regular season games plus 1-2 weeks of playoffs at the end of the season, depending on the sport.


What do I need to bring to the league? 

It varies by sport.  CSL provides most equipment and details can be found on the sport home page.  Please do wear athletic shoes and clothing!


When will I receive my team's schedule? 

The first week schedule is emailed out to captains 5-7 days before the league start date and there after the schedule will be updated weekly. 


Is it possible to make schedule requests? What if my team can't make our game? 

Once the schedule is posted, and your team needs a game changed for any reason, you will need to email sports@playcsl.com to make any changes. You may use the scheule request page in your captain's portal if you are making a request for a week where the schedule has not yet been posted. A Game Change affects more than just your team, and will take some time to accommodate, if possible.  A Game Change Fee of $10 will be added to your Team Balance for any game changes accommodated. 

If a team does not show up for a scheduled game, AND the team has not informed the CSL Office by 1pm on game day (or 1pm on Friday for weekend games), AND a replacement game cannot be found for the opposing team, that team will forfeit the game and be liable for a $25 Forfeit Fee.We do not enjoy charging this fee, but forfeits are even worse for the team that showed and didn't get a game!

 If a team has more than the required amount of players, but less than the legal amount (correct gender requirements) and a game can still be played, it will still go down as a forfeit, but the team will not be charged the Forfeit Fee.


The score was incorrect from our last game! What do I do? 

As a Captain, part of your responsibility is to double check the scores/standings each week after your game.  Please email sports@playcsl.com with the correct score for your team's game.  We appreciate your help!




What is TeamPayer? 

Team Payer is an easy way for your teammates to pay their portion of the Team Balance, so you don’t have to! Send emails to your teammates from your player page with the amount due...see how to do this on the How To Register Page.  When a player Accepts their roster spot, they pay their portion of the Team Balance directly to CSL, in accordance with CSL’s Team Payment Policy.  No need for players to dig out their checkbooks or pay the ATM fee before your game!


How much does each league cost? 

League costs vary from sport to sport and estimated prices can be found on the sport home page.


Do I need to pay the entire team balance when I register? 

Nope! Captains only pay the deposit at the time of registration, which varies depending on the sport and location.  The remaining Team Balance is due the day after your first game.  Once your team has a Confirmed spot in the league, the Captain can assign dues via Team Payer to their teammates.  As your teammates Accept their roster spot, they will pay their portion and the Team Balance will reduce.


Will my employer pay for my team balance? 

Possibly!  Check with your HR department as there are many local companies currently contributing to player dues.  



 Captain's Toolbox


A good Captain should always be familiar with their tools.  The following is a collection of the resources available for a CSL Captain to use:


Team PayerThe easiest and best way to pay for your CSL team.  Be sure to check out the CSL Team Payment Policy for more specific details.

Invite Link: Found in the Captain's Panel on your Player Page, the Invite Link lets you invite players to join your team without sending them an invitation via email or Facebook. Captains can even assign Team Payer dues for players who sign up for their team via the Invite Link!

FacebookBrowse CSL's Facebook page and connect with fellow CSL players and teams.   Don’t forget to “Like” CSL and post using the hashtag #PlayCSL!


TwitterFollow @playchattsports on Twitter to say up to date on all CSL news and happenings, and to Tweet about your CSL experience using the hashtag #PlayCSL!



 Team Organization


Confused about new policies?  Looking to sign up for another league or sport?  Worried about the weather? 


Follow the links below for information regarding your organizational concerns: 

     Team Payment Policy

     Team Payer Info

     How To Register


 New Site FAQ


Do you or your team have a question you didn't find the answer to above? Feel free to consult the NEW SITE FAQ for helpful informtion concerning CSL and our policies!